Preparing for Childbirth Classes:

This part is easy!  Our class environment will be fun and relaxed — be sure that you and your coach wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Also, don’t forget to bring:

- Two pillows — one for the expectant mother, the other for the coach
- Blanket — we will be on the floor for some breathing exercises, so bring a blanket if you prefer
- Snacks and drinks for yourself
- Gift of Motherhood — You will receive this book in the first class, but don’t forget to bring it to the others

Preparing for Breastfeeding class:

Snacks and drinks for yourself.

"No pillows or blankets needed for breastfeeding class".

Getting to Class:

For classes at
Round Rock Medical Center:

The hospital is on the corner of FM620 and Wyoming Springs Road in Round Rock.  All classes are held in the education classrooms #1 and 2. Come through the main entrance of the hospital and these classrooms are on the left hand side adjacent to the cafeteria. See class schedules for times of classes.

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